Our response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Trieste are collaborating with our partners PWC Australia, WSP Global and Phoenix Occupational Medicine to create on-site decontamination units to help minimise the spread of COVID-19.

On-site Health Control to protect your workers.

We provide tech-enabled engineered controls to the construction industry to help protect workers from Occupational Illness.

One Life, All Lives

In Australian construction more than 1 million workers are exposed to health hazards like Fumes, Exhaust, Noise, and Dust every day, most without limited or no protection. For every worker that has an occupational illness or dies from doing their job, there is a family, friends and community that suffers too.


“I first met Paul at the Trieste workshop, where the team there demonstrated a fully functional prototype dust control unit, an important step towards better products for improving air quality for manufacturing and construction environments. I would expect that Trieste’s expertise can also be effective when applied to developing solutions to address the need for decontamination, sterilization and improved air-quality in the COVID-19 world and beyond.”

Dan Humphries | WHS&E Coordinator Senior Jewel | Multiplex Australasia

“I am pleased to recommend Paul Brennan to anyone as a Manager & as the Developer & Distributor of Trieste Health’sdevelopment of decontamination units for the construction, health, and corporate markets. This latest project is extremely timely in the current situation with the Coronavirus. I’ve known Paul as a customer for nearly 10 years and he has always been friendly & efficient.”

Tony Christian | Principal
FNIBA, QPIB, Adv Dip FS (Insce) | South East Qld Insurance Group PL